Julie Lindsay, Connectivism and Flat Classrooms

Does Julie Lindsay sleep?  I am skeptical. My bet is after you read this interview with her, you’ll be skeptical too.  Julie’s incredible collection of roles include educator, innovator, leader, conference organizer, consultant, speaker, lecturer, and more. Following her work around the globe with a map of push pins and string would result in a complicated multidirectional weave of many destinations and connection both in person and virtual: Beijing, Melbourne, Washington DC, Dhaka, among others. Weeks away from the Flat Connections Conference, June Labs sat down to talk with Julie to talk about her awesome work.

1) As you meet people around the world, what inspires you most about education and its future?  If you can share a specific story, perhaps from your recent travels in India or elsewhere.

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May 8, 2014

Bridge over the River Edtech

There is a river. On one side there are educators and on the other side there are companies building educational technology.

The river is fast-flowing, its currents are frigid.  It has carved its way through stone for many years separating the two distinct lands.

On one side of this river stands a citadel, a city surrounded by tall gray stone walls. Inside these walls thrives a community of skilled craftspeople, toiling to create new tools and technologies for others to use.

On the other side, is a camp of artisans, diligently working to grow and nurture their community and ensure its future success.

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March 1, 2014

June Labs Enters the Blogosphere

It is May 2011.

It is early on a Saturday morning in Philadelphia.

I am skipping across Walnut Street.

Well, I am not entirely skipping.  I admit, there is an added bounce to my step, a hint of hopscotch. My gait has been lightened.  There is the youthful energy of inspiration and joy, yet there is the hesitancy and reservation of adulthood.

Instead of the numbered boxes written in chalk, I am moving towards an arrow on the ground.  The words EdcampPhilly propel me forward.

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January 20, 2014

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